ONLINE Practice: Deep Relaxation and Touching the Earth Meditation – Sat. May 29, 2-4pm CDT


Join us online for Deep Relaxation and Touching the Earth meditation. Facilitated by Dallas Meditation Center directors, Bobbie Perkins and Cornell Kinderknecht.
A beautiful and gentle opportunity to come to peace in the present moment, releasing worry, anger and fear in the body while opening it to compassion. We’ll begin with a guided deep relaxation meditation. Then from that state, we will connect with the earth and acknowledge our physical ancestors and our spiritual ancestors through a practice called “touching
the earth.”
  • Open up to compassion for ourselves and for others in our lives
  • Embrace our personal traits that serve us positively and release those that do not
  • Welcome the opportunity to have a positive impact on others
  • Find peace in the present moment
Together we’ll enjoy an opportunity to rest, release, and renew. We look forward to seeing you!

“Wherever we are, we can be in touch with the earth…..we can bow down to receive its energy of stability and fearlessness….we release all of our fear, anxiety and anger…and strengthen our capacity to look, speak and act with understanding and compassion towards ourselves and others.” — Thich Nhat Hanh, Touching the Earth

This workshop will be conducted online through Zoom. Prior to the workshop, you will receive email with information about how to connect.

ZOOM ONLINE Saturday, May 29, 2021 – 2:00-4:00 pm CDT

Registration closes at 5:00pm CDT on Friday, May 28.