One Dharma, Awakening Heart, Dallas Meditation Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, fully supported by donations. Your donations are eligible as charitable deductions for tax purposes.

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We accept most major credit and debit cards, online payment systems, and direct bank account payments. We use GiveLively, PayPal, and Stripe as partners for SECURE online transactions. You may need to click on “or choose another payment method” under the payment buttons to see all options.

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Personal Checks or “Bill Pay”

You can mail a personal check or set up your bank’s bill-pay to send a donation. Use the following address to mail your check or to set up a new payee on your banking application:

How we will use your donation:

– Pay our staff salaries, rent, and utilities

– Expand our marketing and advertising so more people are aware of our work.

– Support our outreach efforts to prisons, children at risk, and the homeless.

– Purchase building improvement projects.

– Purchase new chairs for participant use at programs/events.

– Purchase technology equipment to improve our online presence and outreach.

You can mail a personal check or set up your bank’s bill-pay to send a donation. Use the following address to mail your check or to set up a new payee on your banking application:

More Ways to Donate

Dallas Meditation Center is a 501(c)(3) Human Services (IRS NTEE Code P99) charitable non-profit that educates about mindfulness, meditation and well-being. It is not a temple, church or religious organization. While topics that cover religion are discussed, no one is required or expected to be practicing any particular faith tradition.

Give stock. Did you know that gifts of appreciated securities can make your contribution go further? You will receive the full market value of the stock as a charitable deduction and avoid a capital gain tax.

Make an IRA Qualified Charitable Distribution. If you’re 70.5 or older, you can make tax-free gifts from your IRA to Dallas Meditation Center. A qualified charitable distribution from your IRA will count toward your minimum distribution requirement and can be a tax-savvy way to support Dallas Meditation Center. Initiate your 2022 gift now to ensure it reaches Dallas Meditation Center before the end of the year.

Donate through a Donor Advised Fund. Donor-advised funds (DAFs) are an increasingly popular charitable giving vehicle. If you hold a DAF account, please consider recommending the Dallas Meditation Center for a grant. 

Double your impact. See if your employer matches charitable contributions. Some will even triple your gift(at no cost to you). Many employers in the North Texas area offer a matching charitable gift program and will match, usually at 100%, their employees’ donations to non-profit organizations. As a 501(c)(3) Human Services educational organization, our organization is eligible to benefit from such programs.

To see if your company offers a matching gift program, you can ask your benefits or Human Resources (HR) department or it might be on your company’s employee portal. We are already registered with Benevity, Network for Good, YourCause, and American Online Giving Foundation. Please let us know if there is another one your company is using.

Our organization’s full name is One Dharma Awakening Heart Dallas Meditation Center (EIN: 46-3512018) and is classified as a 501(c)(3) Human Services (P99) organization.

If you have any questions about employee matching programs or your company needs info from our organization, contact Cornell

An In-Kind donation is a non-cash gift made to a nonprofit organization, including goods, services, time, and expertise. Individuals, corporations, & businesses can all make In-Kind donations.

There are a number of items we would love to have at DMC that would make our home even more warm, efficient, and accommodating. If you are able to donate to our Special Single Items Wish List (below) or if you have an item you think we may be able to use, please contact, to confirm the donation and arrange drop-off of items. We are not able, at this time, to offer pick-up of items.

Wish List items:

• Organic herbal teas in teabags: Boxes of organic herbal teabags are appreciated. No caffeinated teas, please. You don’t need to make any special arrangements, just place it in the tea area in the kitchen.
3 HVAC filters: 20″x20″x1″,  MERV-13 rating or higher. Our system uses 3 filters and we change all of
them once a month.
Laundry detergent – unscented, Sensitive skin
• Kleenex (min. 4 boxes a month)
C-Fold hand towels (1 case for bathrooms)
Toilet paper
Paper Towels  (min. 4 rolls for kitchen)
Printer Paper – (1 case “8.5) – Copy/printer Paper
Ink – (min. 2 cartridges per color) Printer toner cartridges. These are specific to the current printer part numbers are: TN336BK (black) TN336M (magenta) TN336Y (yellow) TN336C (cyan)
Trash bags – Biodegradable trash can liners for restrooms (4-6 gallon size)