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Integrate employee wellness into your Business

Dallas Meditation Center believes meditation and mindfulness can transform your company of any size.

Companies that use mindfulness and meditation as tools to help their workers become less stressed, more focused, healthier, and more compassionate, in turn, create friendlier, more productive workplaces. Showing care for your employees well being improves turnover rates, and attracts dynamic, and talented workers.

A session can include:
• Intro to Meditation
• Sitting Meditation (floor optional)
• Walking Meditation
• Learning simple and practical techniques in
an accessible manner
• Sharing & Discussion

Research shows that meditation at companies dramatically increases employee retention, and reduces health care costs and stress in the workplace.

We can deliver a single guided corporate meditation at your company, or on a weekly or monthly basis, and you’ll see results immediately. Meditation is a powerful way to increase feelings of well-being throughout the body and mind. It also boosts immunity and reduces inflammation in the body so that people who meditate are less likely to get sick!

Benefits in Bringing Mindfulness Meditation to your workplace.

• relieve stress & anxiety

• slows age-related memory loss or  
  cognitive decline

• lowers blood pressure

• helps you sleep well

• increases concentration and focus

• increases creativity and innovation

• helps you find inner peace in times    
  of instability

• boosts mental clarity for 

Join us for a class before, during, or after work this week, and see for yourself how it changes your stress level at work.

Want to bring meditation to your company, but you’re not the decider? Connect us with your head of HR, wellness team, or manager.


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