Book: Brother ChiSing – I Am Home!


I Am Home! 40 Selected Dharma Talks for Living Life with Clarity, Love, and Mindfulness

Brother ChiSing

For over a decade, Brother ChiSing shared his words at weekly meditation gatherings and workshops in Dallas, Texas and elsewhere. He brought a unique perspective and challenged us to be fully present in all aspects of our lives. His talks inspired many over the years, helping countless people encounter life’s ups and downs with courage, compassion, and calmness.

In I Am Home!, Brother ChiSing’s messages are intentionally universal, reminding us that meditation and mindfulness are powerful tools that should be available to everyone, regardless of whatever tradition they come from and wherever life has taken them. His bright mind, open heart, and childlike joy shine through, serving as our cheerleader, nudging us along, telling us, “You can do it!”

Paperback, 206 pages