FREE Art Sale, Bake Sale, and Crafternoon – Sun, May 26 – 1-4pm

Sunday, May 26, 2024

1:00 – 4:00 pm

FREE to Attend

Want to bake for the sale? Click here to sign up

Looking for a relaxing time with your friends on Sunday afternoon? Or are you looking for fun and easy activities for you and your kids? 

There are four parts to this fun event! 

  1. Crafting Table: There will be materials you can use to make beautiful paper flowers at the Dallas Meditation Center. Mimikia, an amazing Korean craft tutorial YouTuber (and also Jiyoon’s friend’s mother) offers an easy-to-understand tutorial. You could make a beautiful vase and/or Lotus flower! Interested? Please check out her channel.
  2. Art Sale: Dallas Meditation Center will be displaying beautiful art made by our Mindful Community Members for sale! See if you can find the perfect gift for yourself or your loved ones, all the while supporting the local artists!
  3. Bake Sale: There will be delicious baked goods available for you to purchase. You can eat it on the spot or take it home! I would have a hard time resisting goodies like our Sourdough Chocolate cupcakes!
  4. Fundraiser: If you enjoyed the event, and would like to support your local non-profit organization Dallas Meditation Center to host more events like this, please offer us a donation. Dallas Meditation Center is still recovering from the COVID shutdown deficits, and anything helps. There will be QR codes that will bring you to the Donation Page AND an easy-to-use credit card reader. We appreciate your generosity!
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