Don’t Be Strangers ✨☺️ Convo Game Afternoon – Sunday, July 21 – 2:00-3:30 PM


Saturday, July 21, 2024

2:00 – 3:30 PM 

Meet new friends, answer deep questions, and share good vibes ✨

Meet Strangers, Become Friends. No Small Talk, Just Deep Stuff.

🎲 Do you love meeting new people? Do you like asking and answering deep questions? 💬

Don’t Be Strangers is a podcast + community of wholesome conversations that focuses on fighting adult loneliness 👊🏼 by changing the narrative that “making friends as an adult is hard.”

If you enjoy conversational card games such as Table Topics or We’re Not Really Strangers, we’ll be playing a similar game: Don’t Be Strangers Q&A Edition, where everyone will have a chance to answer thought-provoking questions inspired by the podcast. 👋🏼 Meet new friends & share good vibes.

Facilitated by Jiyoon Lee

Drop-in is okay.



About XinYi

Xinyi Xan is an Asian American creative chimera and founder of Don’t Be Strangers, a podcast and global community on a mission to create deeper conversations and more vulnerable connections.

Don’t Be Strangers provides intentional resources, events, and community for curious and optimistic students of life to fight adult loneliness and the myth that “making friends is hard!”

She considers having a deeper relationship with oneself the key to more profound connections with others. Xinyi also published her first book, “How to Talk to Anyone for Introverts,” because she knows how important her readers are and believes that their conversations with others are vital to the well-being of this world.