Roots Revival | BIPOC Ecstatic Dance – Friday, August 23 at 7-9 PM


Embrace the Rhythms of Your Roots

This gathering is a heartfelt invitation for individuals who identify as Black, Indigenous, and People Of Color in the DFW area to celebrate the wisdom and innate need for expression within your bodies, all within a nurturing and secure space. Together, let’s co-create a sanctuary and playground on the dance floor!

So what is this Ecstatic Dance, you ask? Ecstatic Dance is a liberating and transformative movement practice that invites individuals to move + express freely within a welcoming and supportive environment. The dance session lasts for 90 minutes, starting with a 30-minute warm-up, an opening circle, followed by a 60-minute dance wave. A dance wave begins gently, builds to an energetic peak, and then gradually returns to stillness. Unlike traditional dance settings, there are no set choreographies or structured movements. Instead, participants are encouraged to move intuitively in a way that feels natural to them. There is space for people who need to rest, cry, or shake off all the energy within.

Dallas Meditation Center

810 W Arapaho Rd #98, Richardson, TX 75080

(We are located behind Sueno, the restaurant. When you turn onto West Shore Drive from Arapaho, we are the first driveway on your left)


  • 7:00 PM | DJ Warm-Up
  • 7:30 PM | Opening Circle + Intention Setting with Stephanie St. John
  • 7:45 PM | Ecstatic Dance Wave with Tamara Lanay
  • 8:45 PM | Closing Circle

Register in Advance.
Tickets Available Online $20
$25 at the door
Allies who wish to support this dance can gift the price of admission.

Exchange and Reciprocity:
Save time + money at check-in and pay the lowest price possible by registering online prior to the event.
No refunds.

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Mission Statement

Roots Revival Dance creates a brave, inclusive, and sacred space for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) to connect, and express themselves through movement. We honor cultural roots and foster an equitable community where BIPOC individuals can celebrate their embodied wisdom and authentic expression. Together, we embrace the rhythms of our roots, unique and united.

Roots Revival is a BIPOC ecstatic dance under the Dallas Movement Collective that consists of four parts:

(1) Create a Brave Space: provide an inclusive and sacred environment for BIPOC to connect and express themselves through movement

(2) Honor Cultural Roots: respect and celebrate the diverse cultural roots of BIPOC communities

(3) Encourage Authentic Expression: cultivate a community where BIPOC individuals can celebrate their embodied wisdom and authentic expression

(4) Embrace Unity and Uniqueness: embrace the unity and uniqueness of BIPOC experiences, fostering solidarity and connection among participants


About the Dallas Movement Collective | We are a vibrant and inclusive community organization that hosts ecstatic dance and movement practices that support learning through the innate wisdom of the body. We believe natural expression ignites the possibility for healing, individually and collectively. Learn more at

Agreements |

We hold a barefoot, sober, and consent-based space to support the healing potential of the full freedom of expression. Learn more about our agreements here,  Everything will be explained in Opening Circle!

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