Sound Bath and Cacao Ceremony – Saturday, February 24, 2024 – 2-3:30pm



Saturday, February 24, 2024

2:00-3:30 pm

Space is limited.

This event is In Person

Join us for a special Sound Bath in September. We will bring in the heart-opening and mystical healing of Ceremonial Cacao, set our intentions, and allow the warmth of Cacao to help release what doesn’t serve us to welcome in joy and love. Then, we will rest and renew with the healing vibrations of crystal singing bowls, drums, voice, and other instruments. We hope you’ll open your hearts and minds to this special event.

Britt Witt is a massage therapist, energy healer and artist. She regularly offers sound healing events in the Dallas area. Lisa Goerdt is an active community member at the Dallas Meditation Center, a sound healer and an intuitive tarot reader. Linda Thomas is an intuitive healer, reiki master and intuitive artist.

The organizers of this event do not offer refunds unless the event is canceled by facilitators.



Some beautiful info for your curious minds:

Cacao is a heart-opening elixir that brings a grounded, nurturing energy to the body and a gentle opening to our hearts and senses. It creates a deeper relationship with our inner being and brings us back to our presence of living through our hearts. In a cacao ceremony, we gather in the community to show gratitude and love for the connection between all beings and the earth. Ceremonial cacao is mixed with plant-based milk, herbs and your intention to bring forth a slower time to just be.

Magnesium is used in all key brain functions, especially memory and concentration. It is also beneficial for the function of the heart, acting to relax blood vessels and decrease strain. Besides magnesium, cacao is also the highest naturally occurring source of chromium, and also high in copper, calcium, manganese, zinc, sulfur, iron, and phosphorus.

You can also experience increased blood flow, mood elevation, and a more expanded state of consciousness. Cacao is a vasodilator, meaning your blood vessels and muscular systems relax. When working with ceremonial doses of cacao, blood flow can increase by up to 30%, meaning that more blood (life force energy) is moving through your body and nourishing all of your systems.

This experience is part of Mindful May, a fundraising event at the Dallas Meditation Center. We hope you’ll open your hearts and minds to this special event and help to support the Center.

Mats, cushions and blankets are provided. Please bring your own if you prefer.